2023-2024 Art After School Early-Bird Registration Opens June 16th – July 1st

Art After School is a multi-week program for grades K-6. Offered during the school year, this program is ideal for families looking for artfully minded after school care. Students are introduced to a variety of visual and performing arts mediums taught by established practicing artists. This program follows a project-based classroom structure that culminates in a student exhibition and showcase.

Fall Session: September – December 2023 (15-weeks)
Winter Session: January – April 2024 (15-weeks)
Spring Session: April – June 2024 (9-weeks)

Please read our frequently asked questions and review our Art After School Parent Packet prior to registering to ensure this program is right for your kiddo. Students must be currently enrolled in or have graduated from Kindergarten to register for classes. For questions or to learn more about our offerings please email our Education Programs Manager at programs@ucartsleague.org

The Art After School daily schedule is from 3 PM – 6 PM.

  • Drop-off and pickup from 3 PM – 3:30 PM (we DO NOT offer additional pickup for students participating in clubs or other after school programs).
  • Class time is from 4 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Pick-up and homework/free-play time is from 5:30 PM – 6 PM
  • Students must be picked up by 6 PM. 

View our cancellation and Refund Policy for all classes at this link here.

Fall Session 2023

Beginner Sewing Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Comics & Cartooning Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
The Arts League Spy Academy Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Beginner Pottery (mixed age) Grades 2 – 4 REGISTER HERE
Theater Foundations Grades 4 – 7 REGISTER HERE
Upcycled Costume Design Grades 4 – 6 REGISTER HERE
Drawing for Fun Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Fun with Watercolors Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Intermediate Pottery Grades 3 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Narrative and Sequential Comic Art Grades 4 – 7 REGISTER HERE
The Creative Pod Grades 4 – 7 REGISTER HERE
Advanced Pottery Grades 4 – 8 REGISTER HERE
Experimental Art Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Intermediate Sewing Grades 4 – 6 REGISTER HERE
Watercolor Flow Grades 4 – 6 REGISTER HERE
Paintings: Past, Present & Future Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
Mixed Media:Myths, Monsters, and Magic Grades 2 – 5 REGISTER HERE
All About Printmaking Grades 4 – 6 REGISTER HERE

Creative Play: K-1st Grade After School Programming

Join us this Fall for an afterschool program geared towards our youngest learners. Throughout the week students will engage in various art activities in a class environment that’s the perfect blend of play and arts enrichment. Each day has its own creative theme and set of projects with students having extended free play and a dedicated grounding activity before pick-up. This class series is designed for Kindergarten and 1st grades. The daily class schedule is provided below, for more information regarding class descriptions please CLICK HERE


Creative Play: Let’s Draw!

This K-1st class is all about drawing the world around us. Throughout the session, students will engage with projects focusing on comic book art, portraiture, their favorite creatures, and so much more! REGISTER HERE

Creative Play: Let’s Build!

This K-1st class is all about sculpture, collaborative artmaking, and design. Primarily rooted in mixed media art making, students will use a multitude of materials to create 3-Dimensional artworks. As a class they’ll be tasked with building mini-cities, figurines, and so much more! REGISTER HERE

Creative Play: Let’s Paint!

Explore the world of wet mediums in this K-1st class that’s all about paint! Students will create a variety of both 2D and 3D projects that incorporate watercolor or tempera paint. Each weekly lesson focuses on a pivotal arts figure with a themed project to match. Smocks are of course provided :) REGISTER HERE

Creative Play: Let’s Move!

We’re moving and grooving at The Arts League. Join us this Fall for a K-1st class that’s all about music, movement, and mindfulness. Each week, students will engage in creative movement activities and develop positive body awareness. Weather permitting, students may also have the opportunity to explore these concepts outside (UCAL backyard, PIC Field, or Clark Park). REGISTER HERE

Creative Play: Let’s Make!

Costumes, toys, sculptures, and more are created in this K-1st class that’s all about making. Each week students will complete projects that involve using all sorts of whimsical and practical creative materials. REGISTER HERE